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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day - RHOK's MckLinky Monday - 2 days late!

My kids when you tell them "we're going to the horse sale tonight"!!!
Taken last month when Redbird still had her two front teeth.  The hearts are hiding a stack of toys and unmade bed.

I'm a couple days late getting this post up because the snow has melted and it is like spring outside and that is where we have been.  Hasn't it been great?
This week Mrs. Bundy with the Real Housewives of Oklahoma asks, "what does Valentine's Day mean to you"?  Well, for me not a whole lot until I got married and had kids or until my kids discovered Valentine's Day.   Our wedding anniversary is close to Valentine's Day so my husband ask me what I wanted to do for our anniversary, which is a joke since we have never done anything before.  This year was different.  The horse sale in the big city, (not OKC) is every other Monday night and it just happened to fall on Valentine Day.  Off to the horse sale we did go.
The sale barn also has a cafe which serves homemade food.  It is only open on sale days which is every other Monday for the horse sale and Saturdays for livestock sales.  The cafe serves the best food in town and it is always packed.  As soon as we hit the door, my son says, "I smell lunch".   The cafe is so adorable.  You have to order at the counter which has beautiful cakes and pies in glass cake holders sitting on it.  There is a large window into the kitchen that has chalkboard all around it with the menu and prices on it.  You can see into the kitchen which is an old baby blue color, very vintage with vintage dough maker, so cool.  I wanted to take photos but you don't take a camera to a horse sale. 
We had some wonderful hamburgers and took some cake home for dessert.  We didn't get horse yet,  but we are still looking for just the right riding horse for the kids.  I tell you more about the horse sale later it deserves a post to itself.
Anyway, I won a little contest hosted by Dishin&Dishes and Angela with Oklahoma Dove Discoveries Chocolatiers.  It was the mini mousse kit, wonderful.  Thank you ladies. 

I enjoyed this:

Dove's Chai Tea, it was heaven on earth!!!

Please check out these great sites, Katie with Dishin and Dishes in on Rise and Shine Oklahoma every Wednesday morning with some great dishes.  Also, if you want to host a chocolate taste party,order products or become a chocolatier please contact  Angela.

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.
Now, we are going outside.
Territory Mom


Mama Koch said...

I LOVE Chai tea. May have to order some of that.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Mmm -Chai Tea! And a Dove Chocolatier -Hmmm -sounds interesting -think they could use another Okie Angela ?! ;)