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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who Do You Think You Are? - Season 2 Starts Friday on NBC

The 2nd season of this great show starts this Friday on NBC at 8/7 central.  If you haven't seen it you should.  It is about celebrities searching for their roots.  Very interesting what is uncovered.   If you are stuck in the house and you better stay inside during this Oklahoma blizzard then now is a good time to check out the episodes from season one.  The previous episodes will be available for viewing until Feb. 5th. 
I hope that one day this show will do a follow up.  I wonder what these celebrities do with their new found knowlegde of their family history.  All of the shows from season one were very interesting but I was surprised that my personal favorite was Susan Sarandon's.  Amazing that because of a family secret her grandmother never knew that Ms. Sarandon was her grandaughter.  You have to watch it.
Also, the show along with ancestry.com is having a sweepstakes.  You can enter to win a $20,000 journey to your family's homeland.
If I win I'm taking my children to their ancestral home in Wales:

Where they have wild peacocks roaming the gardens and it's all green and pretty:

Gwydir Castle has been beautifully restored and is now a B&B.  You can read more about it here.
Thanks to Michelle of Ireland for letting me use her beautiful photos of my children's homeland.  You can click on the above link to view more of her photos and even make a purchase.
  That is my endorsement not hers.
Please stay safe and warm.
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Oklahoma Granny said...

I'm anxious for the 2nd season to start. Last season was so interesting.

Jill of All Trades said...

I love this show. So interesting. Can't wait.