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Friday, March 11, 2011

Oklahoma To Me - 31st Verse

John Jackson Barham and Nancy Pearl Emily Dunn Barham

Oklahoma to me . . .
is listening to your grandma tell stories
about her family pickin' cotton.

It always started the same way;
 "my dad never wanted to be a farmer, but my mother wanted a farm.  My dad was from the city.  My mom was from Pope Mountain.  When she married him she wanted to go to Oklahoma to farm, he never wanted to farm".

Soon after their first child was born in Arkansas they made their way to Oklahoma.  When they had to pick cotton my great grandma, Pearl would finish her row then she go to other end of John's row and continue pickin until they met, then onto the next row.
John eventually obtained his auto mechanic license, but on his death certificate his occupation is listed as "farmer".

Territory Mom


Mom Mayhem says: said...

Love the new background! Sounds like they were kinda like green acres -in reverse ;) My maternal gma always tells stories about working her families farm.

Katydid said...

Oh, I love cotton pickin' stories. I have one of my mother and daddy I will have to post some time. Who knew cotton patches could be so romantic.
It is interesting that your grandma not your grandpa wanted to farm. Very cool story!


Deborah Ann said...

That must have been so hard! For one person to have a dream, to have a farm. And for their spouse not to have the same dream.

How did this all work out?