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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Windshield Oklahoma - Custar Farms

Custar Farms
Hwy 56, Okemah, OK

This is where I get my plants for my garden.  The kids and I went by there last Friday.  It was our second visit this season but not our last.  So far we have planted 3 kinds of potatoes, 3 kinds of onions, broccoli, lettuce and Japanese cabbage.  We're good for now until middle of April then we will get our tomato and pepper plants.
Custar Farms is owned by David and Debbie Custar, great people.  Go here for more information about their farm.  They are also members of Made In Oklahoma Coalition.

It was a little cloudy last Friday.

They also sell seeds, jellies and salsa.  If for whatever reason your crop doesn't come in they will have plenty of fresh vegetables for sale throughout the season, and

blackberries in July.


Rooster got on the old tractor.  I don't think this is allowed but we got away with it.

Redbird took some rocks for her collection.  She gets them everywhere.
Oh, we will also be getting some picklers a special cucumber for making pickles because Redbird thinks you can just grow pickles.
If your in the area please check out Custar Farms.  You will love them.
Have a great day.
Territory Mom


Dawn said...

How fun! I so want a garden.

My husband's job situation is up in the air at the moment or I'd be outside starting one today. Maybe if it gets resolved soon it won't be too late to start.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Unfortunately for us, we live about 150 miles from Okemah. But maybe, just maybe, we'll make a trip to our son's house about the time those blackberries are ready. YUM! Actually, we'll be going to OKC in May for a birthdayso we might just have to make a stop in Okemah. Isn't it wonderful that Spring is here!

Mama Koch said...

We plant pickles too!

I did plant 2 flats of strawberries yesterday. Going to take lots of water to get them going.