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Friday, April 22, 2011

I Dreamed of a White Buffalo

A few years ago I questioned what I was doing here.  Not just on earth but on the land that I live.  One night I dreamed of a white buffalo.  Not just any white buffalo she was a baby and she stood at the place on our land that once stood a home.
In my dream I was walking toward her as she was grazing and then she turned to me.  We stared at each other for a moment then she drifted away.  When I woke up the next morning I knew who she was.  It was Fannie.
Fannie was a 3 year old Creek Indian girl.  Fannie had been allotted 160 acres and I live on 55 acres of her land.  She was letting me know that she wanted me here to take care of her land.

So, I do.

 I grow corn, tomatoes, potatoes and peppers.

Fannie had received this land when she was only 18 months old.  Sadly she died of fever at 3 years old.  Her mother then inherited the land and when she died it went to her brothers.
I know that no matter who has owned this land before me it is always Fannie's.  My treaty with Fannie will never be broken.  I will always own her land and what is hers will remain.
I know this story sounds strange but land and water in Oklahoma is sacred and we will fight to keep it that way.  Maybe because as Oklahomans were are all connected, by blood, tragedy, triumphs and tradition.  We may not be able to prove our Indian heritage, but when we research our roots and listen to the stories of our grandmothers we know that the way we were raised was by traditional Indian customs.

 And so, no treaty should be broken:

Sardis Lake belongs to its people.

More to come.
Territory Mom

For more information about the water rights of Sardis Lake please check out this article from Newsok.com and this article from the New York Times.

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Joan said...

I love this post. Of course the creature in your dream was Fannie.

I also love the unique relationship and experience Oklahoma has with its tribes. My tribe is in Oklahoma, in fact was disbanded in the 1800's, but I feel a kinship with this state since I moved here in 1987.