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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Explanation of Angelina's Newest Tatoo

Do you know the coordinates of all the places you have lived?  Yeah, me too!

No doubt you have heard about Angelina's newest tatoo.  At least the newest one at the time of this post.  This is one is Brad Pitt's birthplace, Shawnee, OK, but I'm looking at it and I think that is not Shawnee, OK.  I wrote about it here, but since it is Oklahoma related I needed to give you more information.

The coordinates for Shawnee, Oklahoma are:  35° 20′ 33″ N, 96° 56′ 2″ W.  Well that is not what is on her arm.  That is because Ms. Jolie is very percise in her tatoos of her loved ones.  Brad Pitt was born in Shawnee but the coordinates of his birthplace is the old ACH hospital in Shawee:

The coordinates for Brad's actual "birthplace" are:  N 35° 19.726 W 096° 55.397, which is what is on Ms. Jolie's arm.  In fact I think it is the 3rd window on the left, 2nd floor.  Just in case you wanted to pay homage.

ACH Hospital was built during the oil boom in the 1920's by three area doctors (Anderson, Carson and Hughes).  It was Shawnee's only hospital from 1929 and 1967.  It is located on 9th and Bell, in downtown Shawnee.  To the left of it is the old Aldridge Hotel which is now Aldridge Apartments and a very elegant place to live.  Oh, it is also haunted.
  Also both are across the street from Shawnee's Masonic Temple.  There are some good photos of these buildings on Google Maps.
 For more information about Shawnee check out:

I just have to say thanks to Ms. Jolie for putting Oklahoma on her arm.
Have great day and stay safe. 
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Territory Mom


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I guess that I don't understand Ms. Jolie's need to put coordinates on her arm. I'm glad that you clarified things for all of us.

And yes, I have coordinates for all the places I've lived and worked. Where my Dad's father is buried and where my Mother is buried and a bunch of other's besides like where Bob Wills is buried.

I don't have them tattooed anywhere though.

Territory Mom said...

Yogi, I somehow new that about you. You are the coolest geo guy!

Prairiemaid said...

So, if you were to get a tattoo, what would it be?

Have a great week!