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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Mother's Day Weekend

Hope ya'll had a great Mother's Day or in my house it is called "mudder's day."  My husband got off work early on Friday which gave me a chance to get some errands done, alone.  First I went to pay the water bill and when I walked in the clerk raised her hands up and said, "where are your kids?, I have never seen you without your kids."  I explained the situation and realized this would be the same reaction at the grocery store and it was.
On my way home it hit me that for some reason my kids will really need me and this will be the last time I'm alone for a very long time, which is fine with me, it's what I signed up for.
Anyway, Friday evening started with my beloved warrior pony going to the trainer:
Lucky was not happy about this and it broke my heart to send him away.  Just as he got up in the trailer, (which was not easy) he gave me a look I will never forget.  That big brown eye asking, "why must I go?"
It is for his own good and he will come back to us with some manners and confidence beyond belief.
We were all sad and went on a nature walk.  It makes us all feel good.

Watching dogs swim always makes you feel good.

Daddy had to work Saturday which is hard on my kids because, well just because.

In the distance are some black spots.  One of them is Rachel, a black cow getting ready for her first Mother's Day.  We have been watching her carefully.  Oh, check out my dog, White, getting ready to jump.  He can jump over anything.
Anyway, Rachel had a beautiful brown calf, but when we checked on her she was down.  Sunday morning my husband and our neighbor, Earl, took care of her.  She was moved to our neighbor's round pen with her calf.  She was prolapsed so she had to have a little surgery.  I won't go into what prolapse is but if you have cattle or have been around cattle then you already know.  It is bad, I tell you, BAD!!! 
Everything seemed fine except that my little girl was very upset that she was not included in the surgery.  She cried because she is the one who is going to be a vet.  She's only 6!!
By the evening Rachel had prolapsed again.  So my husband was going to do surgery again.  This time the entire family goes because the future vet was not going to miss anything. 
So we drive to where Rachel is and the kids and I stay in the truck while daddy and Earl get Rachel in a squeeze shoot.  My girl is crying because she can't see anything.  I get her in my lap while my son gets in the driver's seat.  After Rachel is settled daddy comes over and tells the kids they can get out if they are quite and stay where Rachel can't see them.
We get out and Earl is at the back of his truck with the tailgate down.  There is a big tool box with all of his supplies.  Earl yells, "who wants long gloves, I've got gloves for everyone".  Of course my kids want gloves, but I make them get to our safe spot.
I'm trying to keep this short.
The process of fixing a cow is difficult, gruesome and time consuming.  Rooster was getting bored and wanting to explore.  Redbird just checked out the new calf.   Once the new calf is looked over thoroughly Redbird gets back in her place to witness the surgery.  After I'm trying to keep Rooster from getting in a world of trouble Redbird finds me and lets me know that I'm making her miss the best parts.  She wanted to watch, but with her mama close by.
Soon, Earl was hollering at me to get some kind of staple thing from his truck.  I told Earl I couldn't believe how relaxed he was and he told me that it is the only way to keep the cow calm.  Well as calm as she can be.  After Earl sewed Rachel up I had to cut the string.  OMG! 
The guys clean up a little with our make shift sink which is me pouring water over their hands.  Even though they wore gloves you still want to wash your hands immediately.
I didn't take any photos. I think you know why.  I will get a photo of the calf soon and keep you updated about Lucky and Rachel.
Have a great day.
Territory Mom

P.S.  Please remember This Oklahoma Family in your prayers.


Mom Mayhem says: said...

Sounds like an eventful "mudders day"! -Now, I'm thinking I must look up what prolapsed means -I've heard it before but, not sure -I hope everything goes well for the mama and calf. Oh and isn't it nice when you can run errands by yourself? -Ahh alone time! :)

Oklahoma Granny said...

Well, bless that momma cow's heart. I hope she's doing better now.