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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Windshield Oklahoma - Why We Will Never Get Rid of This Truck

This was last Tuesday, it had finally stopped raining.  The rain started on the previous Friday and did not stop until Monday.  Anyway, as you can see we got stuck in the mud.
No problem.
There is a winch on the front of this truck.

So, we watch Daddy get the truck out of the mud.
Pick some flowers.  Indian Paintbrush, my favorite Oklahoma wildflower.

Chase your sister while talking on the phone.

And now the truck is free.  Impressive.

Even the dog is impressed.

That's deep, baby.  I only let them do this because they were wearing their muck boots. 

That mud is so cool.
So, because this truck has a winch on it which is a necessity in these parts we will never get rid of it.
Oh, also there is always a shovel, chains, rope and other tools in the back.  It makes moments like this very relaxing.
I'll show more photos of our recent rain soon.  The creeks were overflowing.
Are you like me?  I love the rain, but my mind is always thinking of the panhandle.  I'm always hoping that we get rain so will the panhandle.  Not so this time around.  Go here for an article in the New York Times about Boise City and a new dust bowl.
Have a great day.
Territory Mom


Beth Zimmerman said...

It's like a little blog scavenger hunt with new clues in each place! :) Glad you got the truck out of the mud!

Use Your Resources said...

Happy Mother's Day Territory Mom! Did you know that you rock?Love you,