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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Windshield Oklahoma - U.S. Marshall James Nakedhead

Monument for Deputy U.S. Marshall James Nakedhead
Hwy 69, Brush Hill, Oklahoma

On May 1st which was a Sunday it was raining and my kids get cabin fever very easily so we took off for a family drive.  We ended up in Eufaula and ate lunch at JM's Restaurant, delish!!!  I recommend the 8 oz sirloin, it's like butter!
Anyway on our way out of Eufaula we saw this monument:

We got home and started researching more about Deputy Nakedhead.  Here is what I found out;

James Nakedhead, Deputy U S Marshal – Officer
U. S. Marshals – U. S. Indian Police
Near day break the morning of Wednesday, February 27, 1895, Nakedhead was a member of a group of deputies and Texas Rangers that surrounded a house near Brush Hill, about ten miles southwest of present day Checotah, in hopes of arresting the Hughes gang, suspected of a Texas train robbery. The gang’s dogs alerted them of the officers’ approach and they began firing on the posse. During the gun battle that followed Deputy Nakedhead was shot in the head and killed. Nakedhead was buried in Tahlequah and was survived by his wife and several children.
Gang members Ben Hughes and Judd South were arrested and tried for the murder of Nakedhead. Both men were acquitted when it was brought out that the officers did not have an arrest warrant for any members of the gang when they went to the house.
Eight years later Ben and his brother, Jim, were tried for the brutal murder of another deputy, Lute Houston, and again were acquitted.

The above website is a memorial to all fallen Oklahoma law enforcement since before statehood.  Very interesting and informative site.
Deputy Nakedhead also has a page at the Officer Down Memorial.  Another great source is the Oklahoma Outlaws Lawmen History Association.
If you are out and about and see a memorial like this stop and take a picture.  You never know what you might learn alot about our Oklahoma history.

Have a great day.
Territory Mom 

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What a great find. You are right. I have stopped and looked at things and then found out some surprising stuff on further research.