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Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Head Has Been in The Clouds

This cloud was reflecting the sunset which cast a beautiful ray of light on my house.  It was glorious!!
It has been crazy wild around here and so I must take a break from blogging and maybe from the computer for awhile. 
Once my head is cleared and the magical fairies finish cleaning my house I'll be back.
I was thinking about not taking a break then I heard the words, "Mama I cut the couch".
Time to turn off the computer.
I'll be back the first of August.
Have a great summer and pray for rain and cooler temps.
Territory Mom 

P.S.   Check out what I've been sewing:  Aprons


Chinatours said...

Right now, I have just seen another blog also record such a view, magic, isn't it? Greetings from China, a nice day!

heartland frugalista said...

Very cool!!

I'm into the apron scene too: