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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The A/C Went Out and The Cows Came Home

A Run Capacitor that will surely go out in this Oklahoma heat.

My sweet hubby works outside in this crazy heatwave so when he comes home he takes a shower, eats and falls asleep well after he checks on the livestock and hangs out with the kids.  So Monday evening about 9:15pm he wakes up in a fiery.   I'm asleep in my kids' room because they have been up since 4:30 am so I as in there trying to get them to sleep early.
Anyway, I hear him rushing around and I hear the breaker box open, then he heads outside.  By now my son and I are up and outside too, then back inside, then outside.  It was crazy wild!! 
When there is no a/c tempers will start to rise and I could tell by the way hubby was acting that he thought this was my fault.  I have been turning up the a/c and sometimes turning it off to save money.
However, when you have a special needs child like mine you can not let you temper rise because it makes my child lose it.  You can understand.  So I'm praying, Lord, Lord, please help this situation.  After going in and out for awhile and my hubby realizes that the a/c just broke and not because of anything anyone did he sat down and relaxed at least until our neighbor called and the cows were out.
As hubby was getting dressed the sheriff's office called about the cows.  By now it is about 10:00 pm and my son gets to go on an adventure.  Luckily baby girl never woke up.
After traveling up and down the highway with no sign of the cows they go up in the pasture to look.  Then the neighbor's wife calls and our neighbor is on the highway getting the cows.  I see our neighbor driving slow on the highway coming towards our road.  I can hear him hollaring and honking his horn.  About that time hubby and son drive in from the pasture I point them towards the front gate. 
I wish you couldn't have seen this cattle drive.  Picture cowboys on horseback trying to wrangle a huge herd of cattle through the prairie, dust kicking up, cows bellowing and ropes swinging.  It was like something out of the old west, except it wasn't.  It was a old Chevy driving 5 cows, 1 baby bull and 1 big bull down the road and old Dodge blocking the end of the road until the cows were safely in front yard.
Bob the bull and Jinter, not Ginger, but sometimes Jennifer

Everyone is home safe and sound.  We were outside relaxing because the a/c is broken when the sheriff's office calls again.  I assure them that the cows are in and secure. So, if anyone ask those are not my cows on the highway!
The next morning I call the a/c repairman about 7:00 am. and ask to be put on the list.  I hear he is in the area so maybe he will get to us soon.  About 11:30 am the kids start cheering because they see the a/c repairman truck coming down our driveway.  I love the a/c repairman.  We were only the second job because he had just been an the Indian church down the road.   In less than 30 minutes the a/c was fixed and we were getting back to normal whatever that is.  I love a repairman that keeps plenty of parts in his truck.   This time it was the run capacitator.  If your a/c is running on the inside but it is hot this maybe the problem.  The run cap can expand and break in extreme heat.  There is no way to prevent it when it is over 100, 105 or 110 degrees for days on end.
I hope you are staying cool and your cows are staying home.
Drink lots of water and check on your neighbors.
Have a great day.
Territory Mom


Joan said...

I'm praying everyday that the AC holds. We have a heat pump and I hate it. It cannot keep up so it is 80-84 inside. Too warm, but better than outside!

Oklahoma Granny said...

I'm so glad your a/c is fixed. Some years ago we were without a/c for several days during the very hottest part of the summer. It was so miserable!

Chinatours said...

I don't like a/c, though in a house with a/c could be very cool, i use electric fan as often as possible, if it is not that hot.

Rhonda said...

no cows here so I don't have to wonder if the fences are holding them in :)

so glad your AC was fixed quickly. I don't like AC during normal weather but this heat dome is just brutal so we are running our ac too.

Melinda said...

Goodness Gracious!!! What a time that was!! Glad everyone held their *cool* and back to normal!

Great blog!