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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Baby New Year Is Named Bernice!

Last night one of our heifers, Grassy was looking for a place to lay down.  She was ready to deliver her first calf.  We had been watching her carefully.  Before I realized it she had wondered off into the woods.  I went to look for her and couldn't find her then my husband went to look for her.  He found her in the big woods.  She was laying down, but she was fine.
This morning before my husband left for work he drove up the rode and found her again in the woods.  He called me from the road to let me that he found Grassy.  She was laying down, but no calf.  The other cows and bulls were in the woods with her.  They were surrounding her with love and support.  Grassy's mother, Big Mama Red was the closest to her.  Isn't that sweet.  The first baby makes the entire family a little nervous.
About 10:00 am this morning I see all of the animals down by the house basking in the sun, except for Big Mama Red.  So, I get the kids bundled up to go look for Grassy.  By the time we got out of the house Big Mama Red is also down enjoying the morning sun and we are unbundling because it is 65 DEGREES!
We start walking into the woods all the while Redbird is explaining to us not to make human sounds only nature sounds.  Which means it is okay for the leaves to make crumbling sounds as we walk.  Rooster is whispering so loud that he might as well have using a bull horn.  It seems like forever until we find Grassy.
I can't get too close to her because she is a little unsettled.  I can tell she has had a calf and appears to be fine.  By that I mean she is up walking around and about to charge.  I can't see a calf anywhere.  So we start walking out of the woods.  I'm a little concerned, but know there is one somewhere.  Then I glance over to the left of Grassy.  Do you see her?
Here is a closer look:
Do you see her now?
She is all ears!  I was looking for a black or brown calf and found this beautiful strawberry blonde hiding in the leaves.  I'm guessing she is a girl because she is so little which is great for a first baby.  Immediately, Redbird says she is naming her Bernice.
Here is a little better photo from a different angle:
I wish they were better photos but I had a new mama watching me so I couldn't get too close.  One day I'm going to get a big telephoto lens.  My animals will really be happy with me then.
However I can as close as I want to No. 3:
She is a little vain and loves having her picture taken.

Anyway, welcome to the world Bernice.  Redbird says that is a beautiful day for a beautiful girl to be born so she can see how beautiful it is here.  Love that girl and Redbird.

Have a great day.
Territory Mom


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Just in time for the New Year. Super post, I love it.

Oklahoma Granny said...

So glad the baby arrived safely. And how wonderful for it to come when it's actually warm outside instead of last year when it was so cold. Wishing you and your family a very blessed 2012.