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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Windshield Oklahoma - The Guthrie's Old Home Place

Very remote road in Okfuskee County

I get my news from jenx67.com and today she has a post about our own Woody Guthrie and about a new exhibit being put together by the Kaiser Foundation in Tulsa.  Jen does a much better job reporting big news than me so you can check out her article, here.  She has a special connection to Woody.  If you follow me on twitter and facebook you know I have already posted it at both places probably more than once because I have fat finger syndrome.

Anyway, back to Woody and his old home place.  In and around Okemah there are many locations that are considered Woody Guthrie's old home.  There are some in town and some out of town.  You would have to talk to one of his cousins to be sure which place is actually a Guthrie old home place unless you have lived in Okfuskee County all your life and know where the best place to go squirrel hunting.
So, we are driving around one day by the lake trying to locate our old bull.  He is now at the cousins' place.  We are on this road that seems 10 miles long and I casually ask my husband,
Me: "do you think Woody Guthrie ever went squirrel hunting down here?"
Okay, apparently this was a dumb question because this is the response I got:
Hubs: "Well yeah, everybody's knows this is the best squirrel hunting around!!!"
"That's the old place over there"
Me:  "Where?"
Hubs:  "there"
Me:  "I don't see anything."
Hubs:  "Over yonder!"
Should I remind him I haven't lived here all my life?
Silence until we get here:
Everybody out of the truck so we can check out the old WPA bridge.
Nothing breaks the silence better than an old WPA bridge.  Very cool rocks.
Now I don't know if Woody ever went squirrel hunting, but if he was hungry he did.  Things haven't changed much. 
Jen also posted this article Bound For Local Glory At Last from the NY Times.
Got to go someone is wanting biscuits and gravy.
Have a great day.
Territory Mom

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Interesting. John Denver is from western Oklahoma. When I worked out there I can't tell you how many different buildings were pointed out to me as the house he grew up in.