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Monday, January 16, 2012

Finding Beauty

Friday afternoon, we took off on a nature walk in search of Beauty.
We see the new Bernice, just born Dec. 29th, #3 in front and Dusty the bull (I'll do an update on Dusty soon).  Anyway behind them in the woods was Beauty I just didn't know it yet.
After a short break to get some water and a couple of oversize hoodies we head out a different direction to find Beauty.
We get to the big pond and there is still ice on it.  So cool for the kids.
Nothing like throwing sticks on an icy pond and watching them skid across it.
Finally on the other side of the big pond is Beauty:
She has a white mask on.  A white face is called a baldface.  Can you see the pretty girl?
Wait, are you a girl or a boy?
Mmmm . . .
You're just a big girl.  We love big girls!
Welcome to the world big girl.  My daughter named her "Beauty" to go with Bernice.
Beauty was born Friday afternoon the 13th.  She was born as big as Bernice who was already 2 weeks old. 
My daughter is so excited that Beauty and Bernice will be great friends.  They are already aunt and niece.
Have a great Spring-like day in the middle of January.  Got to love Oklahoma weather.
Territory Mom


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Those critters very pretty. Congrats.

The Castro Family said...

And she really IS a Beauty! I wish i could come hug her and welcome her to this great big world!

Jill of All Trades said...

Oh I love it. There are so adorable.