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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Today is Oklahoma's 9/11 - We Will Never Forget

It has been 17 years since Oklahoma shook and her world and her people changed forever.  We had our own 9/11 and it is 4/19.
The survivor tree from 9/11 was planted next to the OKC survivor tree at OCU yesterday.  I think that is fitting.  Go here for the video clip.
We all know how each of us are feeling today.  It still makes us cry and especially to hear the names of the victims being read.  I was trying to remember the song that all the radio stations played all the time after the bombing.  It's funny how each year something pops in our mind about that time.  I remember when I was shampooing a lady's hair a few weeks after the bombing.  She told me she was getting a new Lincoln.  She was so excited to tell me that a lady from OKC was buying her old one.  The lady buying the car worked downtown and her car had been damaged during the bombing.  (Can you see that image of the damaged cars?) She was going to buy another car just like her old one.  It brought a little normalcy back to her life.
I do look forward to hearing stories on the news about the victims and the survivors.  It is nice to know how everyone is doing and the legacies of the victims.
I'll leave you today.  Below is a link to last year's post that also includes links to previous posts about this tragic day.

While we will forever remember this day and our fellow Oklahomans let us never forget this man.

Love you, Oklahoma,
Territory Mom

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I've never been able to get my head around the bombing. I still can't figure out how somebody could intentionally kills so many people.