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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Windshield Oklahoma - Okie Graffiti

Photo credit:  The Lovely Redbird aka my little girl

The generous Jennifer from Gen-X - jenx67 has a weekly post called Graffiti Wednesday.  Well, last week I made a comment that since I live way out in the country the only graffiti art I could do was to paint cow skulls, bed springs and other old rusty stuff.  This made Jennifer happy so now I had to deliver. 
So, the kids and went on a scavenger hunt about 50 feet from the house and found all of the above listed items and many more.
I found a total of five cow skulls.  I washed all of the skulls and then one just fell apart.  According to my husband it was stressed.  Since then I have been very cautious when I take a shower so my skull won't fall apart.

Then we found an old bed spring.  It's actually not that old just rusty. 

I thought is was stuck in this position so my plan was to use it for my basil.  My husband moved it and it came unstuck so he is going to fix it so it will not fall on little feet and I can still use it in the garden.

Now the other rusty stuff:
If you are on Pinterest then you have probably seen a old rusty rake used as a wine glass holder.  Well, I decided to paint this one and hang toy bags on it.  The burners are from an old stove.  Paint them odd colors and use then for hot pads.  Just hang the on the wall when not in use.  The old wash tub is so small that I think I will just put fabric in and around it to hold the kids books.  I love the old shovel but I think once my husband sees that I have salvaged it he will just put a new handle on it.  It is a good one made in the USA.
Oh, since I've been using the old wheelbarrow for painting it will seen be known as Okie Graffiti too.
Have a great day and go out and paint something.
Territory Mom


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Generous Jennifer should like this, I know that I do. Very very cool.

Jennifer James said...

This is so awesome!!! I love it. Man, you are so talented, even when painting a bed spring. I have no artistic ability. That cow head is awesome. You could sell those. You've just prove that graffiti-by-permission zones can exist in Rural Oklahoma. I love this.

Jill of All Trades said...

Don't you love it.