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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Mom

Here she is with Miracol on her face during a slumber party.  Merle Norman was new back then.  That is a roll away bed to the right.  To me they were so comfortable.
Here she is with a friend looking pretty as always.
On a picnic with her aunt and mom.  I think they stopped to eat on their way to a revival.
Here she is with her grandma, Mama Baker, her aunts and cousins.  Someone got in trouble for scribbling on this photo.  Did your grandma have a cloth picture of the Last Supper on her wall?
Here she is with her mom on Easter Sunday.  So pretty.
My mom shares her birthday with her great grandma, Mary Florence Webb Friels and her brother's first grandchild.  My uncle shares his birthday with my mother's first grandchild.  I know, so cool!  This is also the anniversary of her great grandparents, Charlie Dunn and Maggie Brashear Dunn. 
Happy Birthday Mom!
Have a great day.


Jimmy said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

Jennifer James said...

Wonderful pics. That first one is really something.