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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Oklahoman John Ingle - General Hospital Style

1928 - 2012
Photo source:  New York Times
Oklahoman, John H. Ingle died on September 16, 2012.  He was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 7, 1928 to John Cisney Ingle and Myrtle Hoyle Ingle.  You know him as Edward Quartermaine the family patriarch in the long running soap, General Hospital.  I should have written about Mr. Ingle sooner but I was waiting for the soap to pay tribute and now it will.  Today's and Wednesday's episodes will pay tribute to the charachter, Edward Quartermaine.  Another reason I haven't blogged about this is that I have also been a little distraught over Steve Burton leaving the show.  I'll keep my misery to myself for now.
Now to Mr. Ingle.  His bio states that he was born in Tulsa.  According to Ancestry.com he was living in Wewoka with his family at age 2.  According to the 1930 census his father, John was a salesman for an oil company.  Remember your Oklahoma history the Seminole area and the entire Seminole County was in a major oil boom at this time.  John was the baby of the family with three older sisters, Mary Agnes, 15, Pansy Edith, 14 and Hattie Marie, 12.
When John was 11 years old the family was living in Poteau in 1940.   I believe the family was there to be close to his grandmother, Mary Hopkins Hoyle who died in 1941.  While living in Poteau his father was a time keeper for the WPA.  From oil company to the WPA definitely a sign of the times.
When he was a teenager the family moved to Tujunga, California.  John attended Occidental College majoring in theater.  This is where he met his beloved wife, Grace-Lynne Martin. 
John and Grace-Lynne Ingle
His lovely wife predeceased him in February, 2012.
Occidental College yearbook photo from Ancestry.com
The above photo is blurry because you can not copy photos from ancestry.com so I took a picture of it.  You do what cha gotta do.  Anyway, Mr. Ingle was a English and drama teacher at Hollywood High before becoming an actor.  His students included, Richard Dreyfuss, Nicholas Cage, Barbara Hershey, David Schwimmer and many others.  Upon his retirement from teaching he became an actor and we are so thankful.  He played an onry character on General Hospital but in a comical and endearing way.  This creative Okie will be missed.
Goodbye Mr. Ingle.
Territory Mom

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