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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's Back! Who Do You Think You Are?

Photo: TLC.com
Are you as excited as I am?  Is your DVR set?  Our favorite show is back.  The season premiere of Who Do You Think You Are? is tonight at 8/9 central on TLC.com. 
It is hard to believe the last time I saw the show was May, 2012.  It feels like forever.
My kids like to watch the show too.  My son always says, "let's find out who her mama is".  It is great that they are starting with Kelly Clarkson!  I can't tell how many times we have watched her episode on the Reba show.
It appears from clip of the show that Clarkson has a Civil War connection.  I've hit many roadblocks in my family history due to this war. 
After the show I always check my Ancestry.com account.  The show always sparks a new interest in family history research.  I'm part of the Ancestry.com DNA project and I have been surprised by the connections.  I'll let you know and begin another Territory Mom's Who Do You Think You Are?
Talk to you soon.
Territory Mom

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