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Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Foundation of Woody Guthrie - Windshield Oklahoma

I've driven by this location many times knowing it was the old homeplace of Woody Guthrie and his family.  I never notice the foundation until the recent clean up.  This is the view from 1st street, the front of the house. 
It amazed me when I saw this beautiful foundation.  It had generations of rumble, waste and neglect on top of it yet underneath was this beautiful native Oklahoma stone.
We all have a little clean up to do.  Underneath all the rumble is a beautiful foundation. Sometimes we just have to dig. Sometimes we have to dig hard.

One time I was working on something for my daughter.  She was getting frustrated with my ability. I told her I was doing the best I could, which she responded, "you can always do better".  I love it that my kids are smarter than me, well sometimes.
If you don't keep any of your New Year's resolutions that is okay.  Just keep working at it.  Always remember that underneath all that rumble and down to the native stone is a child who will do incredible things and influence generations.  It is your job, our job to keep building the foundation, keep it moving forward.
Territory Mom
P.S. The rebuilding of Woody Guthrie's childhood will be featured on Discover Oklahoma January 18, 2014. 
P.S. again:  Please forgive me if it sounds like I am rambling. I'm a mom, enough said.


Heather Davis said...

What a beautiful post! Beautiful words, beautiful photos. Thanks so much for sharing on Oklahoma Women bloggers. We'd love to have you guest post for us sometime. :)

Shel Harrington said...

Love the idea that under our rumble is a beautiful foundation. How could it NOT be since that's what God started with??