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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Do You Know The Kinders?

Are they Kinders?A few years ago I sat down with my grandma and we went through her picture box. We tried to identify the people in the photos. When we came across these two photos all she said was, "oh those are Kinders."
The Kinders (Ken-ders) are large family from Atkins, Arkansas. My grandma's people all came from this area. Some of her family names are, Barham, Willis, Brashear and Dunn. My great great grandma, Susan Margaret "Maggie" Brashear Dunn is buried in the Kinder Cemetery on Pope Mountain near Atkins. Maggie's mother-in-law Emily married a Kinder and is also buried in the same cemetery.
Is this Andrew Kinder?
Now, my grandma did think that the man pictured above was Andrew Kinder. He was the son of Emily Singleton Dunn Kinder and Adam Green Kinder. (I descend from Emily and her first husband James Dunn) For more info check out "Looking for Emily" http://oklahome.blogspot.com/2008/08/looking-for-emily.html
Andrew Kinder was married to my great great aunt, Lillie Barham. If you remember, Lillie's father was Tom Barham who was the photographer in Atkins, Arkansas. Which is why my grandma has a pretty good collection of photos.
Andrew Kinder is also the uncle of Ellis Kinder (the son of Andrew's younger brother, Ulysses). So Ellis Kinder's grandma is my great great grandma.
Ellis Kinder was a MLB pitcher for St. Louis Browns, Boston Red Sox, St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago White Sox. His nickname was "Old Folks" because he was a 31 year old rookie. He had a very distinguished and interesting career. Check out the websites below for more information about him or just Google him.

Ellis Kinder - Photo from ebay

I'm going to send the pictures to my new Kinder relative, Robert. I hope he recognizes the faces. I'll let you know.


Territory Mom

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