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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Pat's Day, Jackson McFarland

This time last year I posted a story about my husband's great grandma, Rosa Bell McChristian, because I thought it would be appropiate for St. Pat's Day.  I think "McChristian" is more Scottish than Irish.  Anyway this is the story, Part 1 and Part 2.

Today is about my Irish side or Scotch-Irish if you want to get technical:

Jackson McFarland's Store, Ladonia, Texas
from Texas Gen Web

Just last week I found another line of my family tree, McFarland's of Texas.  I found the information on www.Ancestry.com and really didn't think it was true because I have never come across the name, "McFarland" in any of my research.  So, I emailed the expert McFarland researcher (finally a professional) and she verified to me, that yes, I do belong to this branch.
The name itself is Scottish derived from the clan MacFarlane, but because they were Scottish Presbyterians they were shipped off to Northern Ireland in the early 1600's, eventually making their way to America and finally to Texas, at least my branch.  I'm not an expert of this line so here is more information.
This is a very interesting family that settled in Ladonia, Texas.  They even have their own cemetery.  By the way, my direct McFarland ancestor was Rebecca and she moved with her 2nd husband to Briartown, Oklahoma aka Younger's Bend, before statehood.

The family homestead, Ladonia, Texas

The family cemetery, Fannin County, Texas

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
Territory Mom

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