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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pure Oklahoma - Turnpike Troubadours

They are pure Oklahoma.  They are the Turnpike Troubadours

This is the perfect music for traveling the backroads of Oklahoma.  A great listen for sitting on the porch on a hot summer night remembering what it was like to grow up in Oklahoma.
The group is folk rock, but with roots in southeast Oklahoma I would call them Okie Cajun.  Whatever you called them they are great.
When you hear lead singer and songwriter, Evan Felker you will forget that he is a young man.  In his lyrics are lifetime experiences with a voice to match.  Of course, Woody Guthrie was a young man with lifetime experiences in his voice and lyrics.  When you listen to "Three Rivers Song" written by Felker and on the TT's first CD, Bossier City, I know you will immediately feel as I did, its pure Woody, pure Oklahoma.
Now, Evan Felker also has roots in my neck of woods and so John Fullbright is a co-writer with Felker on a two songs from the TT's second CD, Diamonds & Gasoline.  Those songs are, "Every Girl" and "Evangeline".  Also, John is on both CDs lending his musical talent.  If you didn't know by now if you come from my area instead of being born with a silver spoon you are born with a silver harmonica.  We have a few laying around here in toy boxes, drawers or shelves.  Along with some broken guitars.
Now, this ain't church music but if you are an Okie or haven't forgotten what it was like to be young you will enjoy this music.  If nothing else you can appreciate the musical genius of Felker and the Turnpike Troubadours.
You can see them on youtube, but it doesn't do them justice.  The videos are of the TT's in some gun&knife bars.  Way too much background noise.  I think I heard a fight going on during one of their songs.
One more thing in an interview by a friend, when asked his idea of success, Evan Felker replied that his idea of success was that his truck doesn't get repoed.  He really likes his truck.  What an Okie!!!
Territory Mom

P.S.  You can listen to all of their songs on their website 

Hey, TT don't know me. I'm just a redneck mama living in the sticks.  I just like their music and hope you do to.

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