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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Correction to Okie Trivia Contest #1 - Oklahoma Astronauts

I received an email from an expert on everything Oklahoma.  This expert had come across my blog somehow and emailed me to let me know that on my first Okie Trivia Contest I had some misinformation.  While Oklahoma has produced a lot of astronauts it has not produced the most.  Not even close.  For a more accurate list of astronauts per state go here. 
The answers to the Okie Trivia Contest #1 are here.  I'll post a disclaimer on both the questions and answers posts with a link to the correct information.
I appreciate this Oklahoma expert emailing with the correction information.  It's nice to be noticed.

On another note, are you like me when you hear "Oklahoma" on TV you scream and miss what was being said about "Oklahoma".  For instance one time Willard Scott announced an Oklahoman's 100th birthday and all I heard was "drinks a shot of whiskey and smokes cigars everyday".  I guess that is the secret to living a long life. 
Further, for fun and interesting information about Oklahoma please check out my favorite show, Discover Oklahoma
Have a great day.
Territory Mom
P.S.  Did you see the eclipse last night?  Me, neither.  Check out Katydids Kountry Life for some great photos.

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Oklahoma Granny said...

I didn't see the eclipse either. According to our weather guy there were going to be a lot of clouds and my husband didn't think we needed to stay up to try to see it.